Oil & Gas Operators in Fayette County, AL

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Fayette County, AL Oil and Gas Production By Year
Oil & Gas Operators in Fayette County, AL
Operator Operating State Recent Oil Production Recent Gas Production Production Dates on File
Black Rock Operating, L.L.C. Alabama 842 BBLs 7,163 MCF Aug 1982 - Oct 2019
Finley Resources, Inc. Alabama 0 BBLs 1,243 MCF Jul 1982 - Oct 2019
Hughes Eastern Corporation Alabama 4,707 BBLs 12,459 MCF Sep 1977 - Oct 2019
Jabsco Oil Operating, LLC Alabama 829 BBLs 49,662 MCF Feb 1977 - Oct 2019
Land And Natural Resource Development, Inc. Alabama 6,188 BBLs 132,255 MCF Jul 1977 - Oct 2019
Natural Gas & Oil, Inc. Alabama 226 BBLs 7,403 MCF Oct 1977 - Oct 2019
Pride Energy Company Alabama 0 BBLs 1,041 MCF Aug 1977 - Oct 2019
Warrior Met Coal Gas, LLC Alabama 0 BBLs 698,612 MCF Sep 1984 - Oct 2019