Oil & Gas Operators in Monroe County, AL

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Monroe County, AL Oil and Gas Production By Year
Oil & Gas Operators in Monroe County, AL
Operator Operating State Recent Oil Production Recent Gas Production Production Dates on File
Dan A. Hughes Company, L.P. Alabama 188 BBLs 213 MCF Jan 2010 - Mar 2022
Delphi Oil, Inc. Alabama 0 BBLs 0 MCF Nov 1994 - Mar 2022
Hilcorp Energy Company, Inc. Alabama 28,601 BBLs 237,944 MCF Oct 1976 - Mar 2022
John E. McCool, Dba Edward Oil Company Alabama 127 BBLs 13 MCF Sep 1988 - Mar 2022
Palmer Petroleum, Inc. Alabama 1,242 BBLs 373 MCF Sep 1994 - Mar 2022
Ventex Operating Corp. Alabama 7,208 BBLs 2,772 MCF Nov 1990 - Mar 2022
Venture Oil & Gas Inc. Alabama 5,098 BBLs 4,635 MCF Dec 1990 - Mar 2022