Colville Riv Unit

Lease Summary
Lease Name: Colville Riv Unit
Operator: Conocophillips Alaska, Inc.
County: Harrison Bay Quadrangle, AK
Production Dates on File: March 2007 to December 2020

18 Total Wells

35.5 k Barrels of Oil Produced in Nov 2020

47.6 k MCF of Gas Produced in Nov 2020

Map of Wells Associated with Colville Riv Unit
Wells Associated With Colville Riv Unit
Production Based on November 2020 Data
API # Well Name Status Spud Date Completion Date
# 50-103-20517 COLVILLE RIV NAN-N CD4-208AL1 Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20537 COLVILLE RIV NAN-N CD4-214 Water alt gas injection
# 50-103-20539 COLVILLE RIV NAN-N CD4-215 Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20539 COLVILLE RIV NAN-N CD4-215L1 Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20539 COLVILLE RIV NAN-N CD4-215L1-01
# 50-103-20414 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-12 Water alt gas injection
# 50-103-20533 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-210A Plugged & Abandoned
# 50-103-20533 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-210B Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20621 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-23 Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20602 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-24 Water alt gas injection
# 50-103-20608 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-25 Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20608 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-25L1 Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20644 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-27 Water alt gas injection
# 50-103-20690 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-93 Plugged & Abandoned
# 50-103-20690 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-93A Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20673 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-96 Plugged & Abandoned
# 50-103-20673 COLVILLE RIV UNIT CD4-96A Oil well, single completion
# 50-103-20641 COLVILLE RIVER CD4-03 Water alt gas injection