North Wolf Creek Antrim

Lease Summary
Lease Name: North Wolf Creek Antrim
Operator: Paxton Resources LLC
County: Alpena County, MI
Production Dates on File: June 2004 to March 2020

6 Total Wells

5.1 k MCF of Gas Produced in Jan 2020

Map of Wells Associated with North Wolf Creek Antrim
Wells Associated With North Wolf Creek Antrim
Production Based on January 2020 Data
API # Well Name Status Spud Date Completion Date
# 21-001-55159 FAHNER B2-6 Producing
# 21-001-57330 FAHNER C2-6 Producing
# 21-001-55158 LOGGHE A3-6 Producing
# 21-007-53891 LOGGHE C2-31 Producing
# 21-001-56130 PUTMAN C2-5 Producing
# 21-001-56129 PUTMAN C4-6 Producing