Frederic II Pebble Beach(15K)

Lease Summary
Lease Name: Frederic II Pebble Beach(15K)
Operator: Riverside Energy Michigan LLC
County: Otsego County, MI
Production Dates on File: January 1997 to August 2021

10 Total Wells

Map of Wells Associated with Frederic II Pebble Beach(15K)
Wells Associated With Frederic II Pebble Beach(15K)
Production Based on January 2022 Data
API # Well Name Status Spud Date Completion Date
# 21-137-45288 FREDERIC II A2-28 Producing
# 21-137-45289 FREDERIC II A4-28 Producing
# 21-137-45287 FREDERIC II B1-28 Producing
# 21-137-45290 FREDERIC II C1-29 Producing
# 21-137-45291 FREDERIC II C4-28 Producing
# 21-137-45286 FREDERIC II C4-29 Producing
# 21-137-46004 FREDERIC II D1-32 Producing
# 21-137-47106 FREDERIC II D3-29 Producing
# 21-137-45285 STATE FREDERIC II A2-32 Producing
# 21-137-45344 STATE HAYES C2-32 Producing