Oil & Gas Operators in Carbon County, MT

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Carbon County, MT Oil and Gas Production By Year
Oil & Gas Operators in Carbon County, MT
Operator Operating State Recent Oil Production Recent Gas Production Production Dates on File
Baldwin Lynch Energy Corp. Montana 0 BBLs 0 MCF Jan 2012 - Feb 2019
Beartooth Energy, LLC Montana 0 BBLs 0 MCF Nov 2010 - Feb 2019
Big Sky Energy, LLC Montana 24 BBLs 20,653 MCF Mar 2018 - Feb 2019
J.J. Bunkirt Oil & Gas Corp. Montana 1 BBLs 0 MCF Aug 2001 - Dec 2018
Macum Energy Inc. Montana 567 BBLs 4,159 MCF Jan 1991 - Jan 2019
Northwestern Corporation Montana 0 BBLs 533,109 MCF Apr 2004 - Mar 2019
Vanguard Operating, LLC Montana 30,018 BBLs 55,121 MCF Mar 2007 - Feb 2019
White Rock Oil & Gas, LLC Montana 67,005 BBLs 52,587 MCF Jan 2015 - Mar 2019