Enserch Exploration, Inc. Oil & Gas Wells in North Dakota

Operator Summary
Operator Name: Enserch Exploration, Inc.
Production Dates on File: No Production Data Available

6 Total Wells

Map of Wells Associated with Enserch Exploration, Inc.
Wells Associated With Enserch Exploration, Inc.
Production Based on March 2023 Data
API # Well Name Location Status
# 33-007-00145 ALFRED SCHWARTZ 1 Billings County Plugged and Abandoned
# 33-007-00149 ALFRED SCHWARTZ B 1 Billings County Dry Hole
# 33-007-00196 WOG ESTATE 1 Billings County Dry Hole
# 33-075-00748 WM. A. RANDASH ET AL 1 Renville County Dry Hole
# 33-087-00074 NIELSON 1 Slope County Dry Hole
# 33-089-00193 WALTON 1 Stark County Dry Hole