Lease Summary
Lease Name: Beechey PT St
Operator: Atlantic Richfield Company
County: Beechey Point Quadrangle, AK
Production Dates on File: June 2001 to January 2020

3 Total Wells

11.1 k Barrels of Oil Produced in Dec 2019

39.3 k MCF of Gas Produced in Dec 2019

Map of Wells Associated with Beechey PT St
Wells Associated With Beechey PT St
Production Based on December 2019 Data
API # Well Name Status Spud Date Completion Date
# 50-029-20048 BEECHEY PT ST 1 Plugged & Abandoned
# 50-029-22999 PRUDHOE BAY UN AURO S-106 Oil well, single completion
# 50-029-23292 PRUDHOE BAY UN BORE Z-108 Oil well, single completion