Big Eddy Unit

Lease Summary
Lease Name: Big Eddy Unit
Operator: EOG Resources Inc
County: Eddy County, NM
Production Dates on File: January 1994 to January 2019

3 Total Wells

97 Barrels of Oil Produced in Dec 2018

Map of Wells Associated with Big Eddy Unit
Wells Associated With Big Eddy Unit
Production Based on December 2018 Data
API # Well Name Status Spud Date Completion Date Oil Production
# 30-015-23385 BIG EDDY UNIT 079Y Active 1980-07-06
# 30-015-27778 BIG EDDY UNIT 132 Active 1994-03-16
# 30-015-27779 BIG EDDY UNIT 133 Cancelled Apd